Windows Thin PC (TPC) is now available for testing. Here we explain how to download the pre-release beta version of WinTPC and test it for yourself.

We've based the following walkthrough on tips sent to us by Microsoft, after PC Advisor readers reported problems getting hold of the WinTPC beta version.

You'll need to use Internet Explorer to download Windows TPC. Check your security site settings in Internet Explorer as it may not allow for login to the Microsoft Connect website. If using IE, add and to the Trusted Sites list in IE.

To see if this has worked, sign in and complete registration (If any) on Connect. This blog post describes how to add sites to your Trusted Sites list. If these URLs are already present in the Trusted Sites list, try removing them and then try sign in.

To participate in the public Windows Thin PC Community Technology Preview (CTP), you need a Windows Live ID to log in and download the Public CTP at

Next go to the Connection Directory (Directory, in the top right corner), search for TPC or Windows TPC and click 'Join'. The Windows Thin PC CTP program page will automatically open in your browser. Then choose 'Downloads' on the Windows Thin PC program page.