Q: Is there a way to support Active Server Page documents on an Apache Web server running on a Linux system?

Yes - Apache::ASP, available at www.apache-asp.org, supports ASP on Apache Web servers that use Mod Perl. The package works with Windows and Linux systems.

The Apache::ASP program can be installed using Perl CPAN. Start

perl -MCPAN -e shell

to start the CPAN shell interface. At the cpan> prompt, issue the command

install Bundle::CPAN

to update the local copy of the CPAN program. After the update completes, issue the command "reload cpan." Now you can install Apache::ASP by typing

install Bundle::Apache::ASP

at the cpan> prompt. After installing that module, copy the contents of the site/eg/ directory from the Apache::ASP installation directory.

Add a Directory section to your Apache httpd.conf file, providing "AllowOverride All" privileges for the .htaccess file in the newly created ASP directory in your Apache document tree. Restart Apache after putting the example files (and .htaccess file) in place and you should see the Apache::ASP examples home page. The provided examples include a page hit counter, fill out form samples and XML parsing demonstration code to get you started with programming ASP files that can be delivered from an Apache Web server.