18 July 2016: Today the Republican National Convention is taking place in Cleveland, with the Democratic National convention starting 25 July in Philadelphia. Here's how you can watch the US presidential conventions live in the UK. 

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US politicians aren't exactly reserved when it comes to sharing things on Twitter, Donald Trump being the best example of this.  

CBS News and Twitter have partnered to bring live streaming of both conventions to Twitter's mobile and web users, supported by their 'Live' service.

In October 2013, Comcast announced a partnership with NBCUniversal and Twitter enabling Twitter users to click the 'see it' button to access live broadcasting on selected Tweets. While in 2015, Twitter acquired live video streaming firm Periscope, making the lean towards live video streaming even bigger. 


Back in April, Google announced it was official live stream provider of the Cleveland Republican convention in July. 

Google will also offer viewers real-time election trends, data and virtual reality tools. However, critics have called for Google to withdraw, claiming that the search giant's participation would be supporting 'Trump's hate'.

CNN.com and CBS News

Both CNN and CBS News will be providing a live stream of both conventions with CBS News partnering with Twitter to bring the live footage to Twitter users.

CNN, on the other hand, should offer a similar stream from their website.

The live stream might be available on the CNN Europe website but if not, a VPN can be used to access the video on their US site.

Here's a list of the top free VPNs out there.