Q: Are there any free, open source Secure Shell (SSH) and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) clients that provide a drag-and-drop interface for remote file transfer and have a licence that allows commercial use?

The Target Management subproject of the Eclipse Device Software Development Platform project recently released a product called the Remote System Explorer that supports SSH and SFTP file transfer. Remote System Explorer provides a tool kit for working with remote computer systems and files.

Install the Eclipse platform run-time binary and follow the instructions for installing the Remote System Explorer.

Once installed, Remote System Explorer lets you connect to remote systems using SSH and displays a tree view showing remote and local folders and files where you can drag and drop -- or cut and paste -- files between local and remote systems.

In addition, you can open remote files for editing by double-clicking the remote file in the folder view. Using the save command on an opened remote file saves the file back to the remote system, or you can save the file to the local system.

Remote System Explorer is more than an SSH client, but the SSH file browsing, copying and editing capabilities alone make the package worth taking a look at even if you have never used Eclipse before.