Statistics Iceland is a government ministry that holds sensitive data of all Icelandic citizens and official statistics, in accordance with government requirements. Its minister is Iceland’s Prime Minister.

Statistics Iceland was founded in 1914 and is the national statistical institute of Iceland. It is divided into three statistical divisions – personal and social statistics, business statistics and national accounts, as well as the National Population Registry.

Data security is of paramount importance to Statistics Iceland as it is subject to government legislation ensuring this sensitive official and civil data is safe. At Statistics Iceland the ever increasing amount of data needing to be backed up was beginning to strain the previous tape-based backup system. Faced with a hefty investment in renewing the backup system as well as adding a remote (offsite) disk storage facility it began to look for alternatives. Asigra’s SecurStore was chosen.

At the Reykjavik headquarters, a single Asigra Televaulting DS-Client discovers all servers, desktops and laptops connected to the local network, and automates the backup of all local data assets. Agents are not installed on machines being backed up. Before the backup data set is transmitted to SecurStore’s data centre, Asigra Televaulting software analyses the data, finds new and changed file blocks, eliminates duplicate files and further compresses the residue bytes to ensure the backup set is as compact as possible.

The software then encrypts the data before sending it over an IP- WAN connection to a centralised Asigra Televaulting DS-System server, located in SecurStore’s data centre, which consolidates the backup data from all distributed sites.

Data is encrypted “in-flight” and “at-rest”. That DS-System server is then protected just like any other server within the data centre as part of the organisation’s ongoing data protection policies. As an additional level of data protection, SecurStore has configured the DS-System server to replicate the vault to a second secure back up site.

SecurStore was established in 1991 and is located 30 miles outside of Reykjavik. It currently retails its services using a per gigabyte stored licensing model and reckons its services are suitable for small, mid-size and enterprise-wide, multiple-platform LAN computing environments.

Bare metal restore
Davíd Davídsson, IT manager of Statistics Iceland, said, “Data security and fast recovery of our data is an extremely important issue for us. The service from SecurStore is more secure than any I have ever seen, and gives absolute guarantee that our very sensitive data is safe even when it is in the process of being backed up and retrieved.”

“Because of Asigra’s bare metal restore, I know that if our systems go down I can quickly restore the backed up data and be back in business within a few hours without having lost data. The pay-as-you-use model makes the service very cost-effective, and we have not incurred the substantial investment we had feared when initially looking to change our backup processes. We plan to move the majority of our data into this service.”

Alexander Eiríksson, president of SecurStore, said: “Because of Asigra’s capacity-based pricing and the fact that you don’t have to pay for each computer connected to the server, we are delivering a secure, fast, and reliable service at a cost-effective rate. Statistics Iceland is now backing up all its critical data with us, including over 70 SQL databases and its file system. With Asigra’s Televaulting functionality behind SecurStore Remote Backup Service, Statistics Iceland knows that all of its data is both safely stored off site and is restorable within minutes.”