The optical drive on my two year old desktop PC has stopped working. Most times it fails to register when a DVD or CD is inserted. It also won't play the disc or show its contents. Device Manager reports that the device is working normally.

I have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the latest drivers. What else can I try?

Graham Rothery

Helproom answer

Since your DVD drive has suddenly stopped working, it's worth checking whether a cable has come loose. You should check the cable connections at the back of the drive and on the motherboard. Make sure you turn off the PC and unplug it from the mains first.

If the cables are secure and the problem persists, try replacing the SATA cable.

Also try upgrading your drive firmware and motherboard BIOS. Download your firmware from here, make sure you have the driver version number to hand.

If the drive still refuses to play ball, a replacement can be had from around £15.