Multiple sources in the industry are talking about a new start-up venture that's being launched in California's San Jose area - called Nuova Systems or Nuova Impresa (Italian for 'new enterprise'). There doesn't seem to be a lot of information about the company floating around, but bits and pieces of information have materialised here and there about this stealthy project.

The company is supposedly working on some type of virtualisation project in the storage networking space that would combine storage, networking and computing technology in a single box.

According to The Register, "The system is meant to align with Cisco and Intel's larger strategy around Data Center Ethernet (DCE)". It continues: "Broadly, DCE is a proposal to add more virtualisation to networks and make it possible for myriad types of traffic to share Ethernet networks. It's not hard to imagine a company such as Cisco seeing Nuova and DCE as a means of encroaching on the turf of Sun, IBM, HP and Dell."

ByteandSwitch describes what the company is doing as "trying to aggregate compute I/O from the server and centralise it into a single or small number of network elements, connected back to the servers via a high-speed low-latency 'closed' network". This frees up processor memory and CPU cycles so that larger clusters of servers are possible.

According to both The Register and ByteandSwitch, Nuova seems to be attracting some top-name talent to the organization. According to different reports, names being mentioned as coming aboard this stealthy operation are:

  • Tom Lyon, founder of Ipsilon Networks, an early contender in IP switching that was acquired by Nokia.

  • J.R. Rivers, the Cisco Distinguished Engineer who led the team developing the Catalyst 3750 enterprise switch.

  • Ed Bugnion, founder and former CTO of VMware, the recognised virtualisation leader in the industry.

  • Fabio Ingrao, the project lead for server start-up Fabric7.

  • Dan Lenoski, the former VP of engineering at Cisco.

As you can see, if reported correctly, it is definitely a who's who list of players.