Did you know that Google's Chome OS is taking the form of a Tablet? 

On Google's ChomeOS User Experience page, you'll find many prototype OS screenshots and mock-ups of Chrome running on 5-10 inch tablets.

Google Chrome OS tablet prototype

Obviously the soft keyboard bares a striking resemblance to the Apple iPad, which was launched last week.  Google's approach on the OS appears to be more of a traditional desktop windowing system, however, rather than iPad's iPhone like OS.

It will be interesting to see if Google and their partners can come through with these on time and on spec. Apple, as of March, will have a head start in this space but Apple relies on Google for its mapping, Youtube and Safari search functions on the iPhone and iPod - a card that Google could play down the road.

A video has also appeared on the Chromium website, home of the open source project being Google's Chrome web browser and operating system, that shows a mock-up of a possible tablet user interface. The video shows both sides of a single, large screen that could be used to write emails and search the web.

Steve Jobs reportedly said that Google's "Don't be evil" mantra was "BS" at a Town Hall meeting and said Google's Android team wanted to kill the iPhone - so it sounds like Apple is taking the competition seriously.

Recently the iPhone had an off quarter, slowing adoption rates to fewer than last months new customers.  AT&T new activations were also down.  Most of that blame is on Android's surge but could also be blamed on Apple for not being on more mobile networks. 

In the end, the iPhone and iPad have some competition, which is better for customers and it sounds like Apple has some exciting things in store.

The battle between Google and Apple has just begun.