It's been a tough year - the UK is roaring towards a disastrous no-deal Brexit, right wing extremism is on the rise across the world, conflicts continue to rage in Syria, Yemen and Somalia, and Donald Trump is *still* President of the United States (we know). 

However, in technology, the picture is more varied, with impressive breakthroughs contrasted with growing cynicism about big tech's role in shaping our future. This year, Techworld covered a range of fascinating emerging technologies, important figures and up and coming startups, as well as examining the interaction between tech, society and politics, and its role in shaping the future of humanity.  

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Curl up on the sofa and immerse yourself in some of our most engaging coverage this year. 

People profiles

Read about some of the most inspiring black women in the UK tech scene striving for a more equal future here.

A profile of AI pioneer Jürgen Schmidhuber, the mind behind the foundation of AI systems used by Google, Amazon and Apple, and his plans for deep space here.

A discussion between robotics pioneer, Hiroshi Ishiguro and other leading researchers on humanoids, their place in our future and whether we should want them here.

Startup Profiles

How London-based startup, FloodFlash, uses sensors to create new form of catastrophe insurance here.

How Unbabel blends machines and humans to blend conversations here.

About London's biggest tech hub and how it's embracing cultural innovation here.

Emerging technologies 

The rise of companion robots and how they might one day manipulate our emotions here.

Why the future of the economy could be crypto-based tokenization here.


How Big Tech in San Francisco resisted a tax measure to help homelessness and what it says about this sector's complicated relationship to government here.

How IBM's collaboration with the Nazis during the second world war has worrying echoes in tech companies' support of the US Immigration organisation (ICE) today here

What the decline in tech IPOs reveals about the future of capitalism here


A review of The Plan, a documentary about the fight of a group of engineers at defence contractor Lucas Aerospace for workplace democracy in the mid 70s and using this as a lens to tackle wider themes of neoliberalism, climate change, planned obsolescence, democracy in the workplace, 'productivity', and capitalism itself here.


How Pinterest has avoided the PR disasters of its peers here