Culture Crossover is Techworld's weekly mashup of tech and creativity: a series that highlights examples of projects, exhibitions and events that delightfully bridge the worlds of technology and culture. 

Here is the rundown of everything we've covered so far. 

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The UK's leading anime expert 

We spoke to Helen McCarthy, the UK's foremost anime expert, about the Barbican's upcoming 'Anime's Human Machines' series, Japan's unwavering techno-optimism, and the link between shintoism and anime. 

Beatboxing with a digital twin

World famous beatboxer and visual artist Harry Yeff, AKA Reeps One has released a film, We Speak Music, that charts the relationship between people and technology through the lens of the human voice. Techworld chats to Yeff about the role of the artist in the modern age and what it's like to beatbox with your digital twin. 

“When two black holes f*ck”

William Basinski sampled the sound of two back holes colliding on his latest album, but isn't space silent? We journey billions of years through the space time continuum to give you a potted history of the siren song of a black hole. 

Takumi, a 60,000 hour long film

A film directed by Clay Jeter and sponsored by Lexus seeks to place the extreme craftsmanship of Japan's 'takumi' in the modern era, raising questions about narrative, and work, in the age of automation

Cyborgs at the Wellcome Collection

An evening programme at the Wellcome Collection explores the notion of the cyborg and the boundaries between humans and technology as well as the boundaries between races, genders and classes.

Faceless Portraits Transcending Time

The first human-AI collaborated art show launched at the HG Contemporary gallery, New York. Techworld spoke to the human half of the team about the future of AI in art. 

T. Coraghessan Boyle's dystopian stories

He's the author of techno-dystopian tales that give Black Mirror a run for its money.

Silicon Ear: Sonically mapping data centres

Bristol composer Sam Kidel takes influence from the LulzSec-affiliated DDoS tool the Low Orbit Ion Cannon, and maps out a rave in a Google data centre using floor plans.

Dear Data: A long distance visual data exchange

Dear Data is a project that took on one central question: Can you get to know someone simply from their data? Each week, two information designers plucked a behavioural or experiential metric from their lives, measured it, and highlighted the results in infographics tiny and ornate enough to fit on the front of a postcard.