News broke today that a high profile VC based on the West Coast called Justin Caldbeck has been accused of unwanted sexual advances towards women by six female founders. 

His alleged behaviour includes groping a woman under a table, sending lurid texts late at night, and propositioning women (in a professional setting) for sex. The women who came forward, at huge personal risk, are Niniane Wang, Susan Ho and Leiti Hsu.


However this is just one of many, many allegations towards VCs, and indeed individuals in the tech industry more generally, made by women. The only difference now seems to be they are being listened to. 

While this news is in the US, many women in the UK will tell you stories of similar behaviour here. It is perhaps no coincidence that women account for just seven percent of partners at top VC firms. 

So here's my call: it is time for the industry to change, grow up and realise the damage it is doing, not only to women but also to itself. 

Women have simply had enough of this crap so please remember,  VCs: we are onto you.