Depending on which site you consume your news from, Tinder's latest grab for relevance, a new feature called Tinder Social, is either a: 

Genuine attempt to move Tinder beyond just a dating app and into a way to make new friends OR a "group sex" feature

Tinder Social © YouTube
Tinder Social © YouTube

So, what is Tinder Social?

Basically: You 'unlock' the feature which allows you to form a group of up to four people, set a status ("We're going out!") and then other groups will appear which can be swiped right (yes) or left (no) just like the normal Tinder experience. You can then make a plan to meet up with the other group.

In their own words: "Often your best nights are when you’re hanging with friends, someone makes an unexpected connection with someone in another crew, and your two crews have an amazing time together. Maybe you spark a romantic connection. Maybe you make new friends. Either way, a good night out with your friends becomes something better."

So far, not very clear.

Luckily Tinder has produced this excellent promo video to show you just how great life can be once you embrace their new feature: 

Let's break this down.

Scene One: The Meetup

So you and your friends are heading to a bar and instead of, you know, approaching a group of guys while you are there, you can pre-empt the awkward social exchange by "matching" another group and diving straight into a long-lasting friendship which will involve: banter with the Asian chef in what looks like a bar with no food in sight, arm wrestling, street magic and karaoke. So far so Soho.

Scene Two: Crash a house party (0:38)

Now you and the group you met an hour ago are BFFs for life you happen upon a house party in one of those generic LA hills houses you have seen in a million movies and, luckily everyone brought their swimming trunks along to that bar, because you are all frolicking in the pool.

The house party escalates quickly from swimming, to playing on a bouncy castle, to a PANTHER JUST WALKING AROUND WITH NO LEAD ON. The director seems to be highly influenced by the aesthetic of Ridley Scott's 2013 flop The Counselor (replace panther with leopard).

Scene Three: Comic Interlude (0:48)

Two squares try to ruin your well intentioned fun by coming to complain about, presumably, the fact that A PANTHER IS ROAMING AROUND THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. However you and your new BFFs are having such a good time that you convince them to come in and join the party. A group status is posted saying: [dancing woman emoji] Achieving Squad Goals.

Scene Four: [car emoji] Road Trip! (1:02)

No great American story is complete without a road trip. You steal a stuffed penguin and jump into a taxi that is driven by the second incongruous racial stereotype of the video, a taxi driver wearing a Fez, and head off to the beach for some scantily clad frolicking and a side glance between two of the group.

Who said Tinder was just for hooking up?