06:30am: iwake, and at the right point in my sleep cycle. I put on my glasses.

06:31am: My prioritised notifications flick up and are read out in my ear, good, I can hardly open my eyes. It tells me my agenda, bank balances and a notification that 3 matches messaged me on Tinder, it’s just a process. It also says my vitals are low - I need more Iron. Someone has just beaten my Strava run time, so I put on my trainers and Fitbit to go and reclaim it.

Shower, done. Notification “it’s bloody raining again”. I stumble to my Smart-mirror and gesture my hand left to swipe through a few suggested options (it shows me a VR impression of everything and how it looks on).

07.20am: Open my wardrobe door and my choice is highlighted. Of course everything is dry cleaned automatically and delivered daily, but what’s nice is my clothes are always presented as a collection of outfits, so I have everything together - never lose a sock. New shirt today, suggested and delivered to me by my favourite store. Fits perfectly, obviously. I’ve signed up to receive a few new items monthly to keep me looking right. They’ve now been informed I’m wearing it and added to my account.

07:30am: Walk to the smart-fridge, all the essentials and fresh produce arrive daily and are automatically topped up, based on my anticipated usage by Amazon Drones deliveries. Do you remember when you used to arrive at a shop and didn’t know if they had what you wanted in stock first? Crazy right? Or wander around a supermarket once a week with a trolley picking stuff you might use, before packing it all up in your car and driving it all home? What a mad system; delivering for Tesco’s like we were robots.

I’m starving… Damnit, I’ve dropped my plate. I flick a switch on my 3D printer to make another and replace. Indeed you can print almost anything in any material now: gold, plastic, even food (biscuits can be printed in your favourite shape when you want them - think replicator from Star Trek). Why buy ‘physical’ items and pay for them to be shipped halfway around the world from a country with cheap labour, when you can just purchase the pattern and press print?

08:00am: An Uber is waiting outside; it’s linked to my agenda and knows when I need it and where I’m going. It’s driverless, much safer. En-route I pass four other people who are highlighted to me as potential business opportunities - one perfect; they are automatically sent my details.

09:45am: I don’t often go out but I have a meeting with a client for coffee, who for some reason wants to meet face to face. How quaint. As I approach the coffee shop my face is scanned by FaceDeals. I’m running a bit early so my client is notified that I’ve arrived and pinged my exact location. I sit down and 5 seconds later the ‘barista’ rolls over with my favourite brew. They have my selection stored and it’s paid for with a Starbit; Starbucks unique branded virtual currency, now worth 5 Satoshi (that’s about 0.15 of a Bitcoin).
As my client approaches, a scan of them comes up (think when Terminator arrives naked, scans the street to find a suitable match and steals his jacket and Harley) his name (thank god, I’m useless with names), his key interests and achievements, a few recent pictures from his recent holiday. He has a clean record too, good to know.

11:00am: Shit, it really is bloody raining now… and I forgot my umbrella, no matter, I’ll tap up ebay and get one delivered to me straight-away - ebay knows my location at any one time even if I move so no need for delivery address. With Prime unlimited deliveries I just get what I want when and where I need it - they promise it anywhere in under an hour so that should be here by the end of my meeting.

…Oh Christ, I’ve just been ‘hugged’, I hate that - my coat has one of the these sensors in it which means that you can be sent them by loved ones… not all wearable is good right? Ok, schedule a reminder to call my Mum.

To be continued….

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