Google's first purpose-built driverless cars are set to hit public roads this summer in California – this will be the first time they have mixed with regular traffic, though they will have safety drivers on board who can take over if needed. The idea is that by putting them on the road, Google will be able to learn from their ‘real’ experiences and build on any improvements that need to be made.

An Accenture survey has found that only 40% of customers feel it is easy to make purchases through mobile devices, suggesting that more retailers are still not delivering the cross-platform experience that most customers expect. This highlights the importance for retailers to implement technology into their customer’s journey, in order to create a seamless experience as possible.

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This week, speaking at the Zeitgeist 2015 conference in London, Stephen Hawking warned that he believes computers will overtake humans in terms of intelligence at some point within the next century. He highlighted the importance for computers to be ‘aligned with our goals’ in order to minimise the potentially detrimental effect they could have on the human race. 

It seems that all supermarket retailers are now turning to technology, with news out this week that Ocado is developing robots to help pick up and pack groceries from its warehouse. This is not the first robotic device to be implemented into the store – Ocado already have technology that tracks the movement of the people working in its warehouses to ensure they work efficiently.

New data from SalesGossip suggests that shoppers are increasingly channel agnostic and continuously move from mobile, to tablets, to desktop, to brick and mortar shops to browse, search, discover and shop. This stems from the increasing consumer expectation to have a level of integration between their online, mobile and in-store experiences.