A big announcement took place this week following the news of Yahoo’s revised search deal with Microsoft. As part of the new guidelines, Yahoo is free to experiment with up to 49 percent of its search traffic — and even possibly send some of it to Google instead of Bing. 

It was announced this week that Tumblr has launched a 24–hour dashboard ad. The new advertising product allows adverts to remain at the top of the viewer’s dashboard ad for 24 hours, ensuring that marketers are able to ‘make a statement’ on the Tumblr platform – Nike have kicked the news dashboard off with the #betterforit campaign. 

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Research this week highlighted that 63% of shoppers could be persuaded to enter a store by a push notifications sent to their smart device via beacon technology. The story also revealed that 84% of respondents wanted notifications about special offers available only on that day.

A brand new piece of technology was revealed this week by Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers, who have developed ‘NailO’. NailO is a discreet, wireless trackpad that helps users control navigation on other devices. The technology is modelled on the stick-on fashion overlays available in nail bars. 

News out this week reported on the fact that Google have now launched a tracking technology, in a similar vein to the iPhone version, through simply searching ‘track my phone’ into an Android phone search bar. Through doing this they are able to find their phone, but also lock it from a remote location – something which the iPhone version cannot do.