UK-based startup Ofixu is offering on-demand workspaces with the goal of transforming work culture and becoming the 'Airbnb of office space.'

Ofixu, which launched in 2014, hopes to make the future of work flexible and enjoyable by providing an online booking servive for private office spaces that users can rent for a period as short as 24 hours.

© Ofixu
© Ofixu

"The bottom line is it's all about the future of work and that's where we're positioning ourselves towards," Dan Hinden, CEO and founder tells Techworld. "The people want a collective environment, they want to contribute to each other's work, find relationships in business, network and so forth.

"Ofixu is a dedicated place which we hope will be a one-stop shop for people to get the income they need in their space."

The platform, which features over 35,000 available desks globally, has its biggest reach in London and New York.

Workspaces range from individual spare desks to meeting rooms and medium to large-sized office spaces. Ofixu also offers rental for any length for short to long-term agreements.

“It’s like purchasing an item on eBay," says Hinden. "You should be able to categorise the space you want, then filter it down to who you want to work with and their interests, so you can get under the skin of knowing who’s going to end up working in your environment.

"That's what we're really excited about achieving next; the classification of trying to tie the right mindset of a rentee and renter together."

As the company strives to embed culture in the future of work, Hinden believes that the flexibility of its service to customers is what differentiates Oxifu in the market.

"It gives customers a feel of everything they need without them having to tie up to a long-term agreement such as the big service operators out there, and I think it needed to happen because real estate, especially in a city, is not fully utilised, and people need a good place to work and right now people thrive off collaboration," Hinden adds.

With customers such as travel agent Kayak, Ofixu has seen a massive growth globally into multiple spaces across Paris, Singapore and other cities. It also emphasises that office spaces receive traction from workers in various industries.

"We're always looking at the market and success is not just pinned on the number of users, it's not about how much money in investment you’ve got, it’s not pinned on where you’re located or how good the website looks," says Hinden. "It's to do with ticking all those boxes and sustainably doing it with evidence of growth."

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What next?

Alongside its aim to improve work culture, Ofixu plans to improve its service by making it easier to request a rented space.

"We're actually also about to launch an AI element to a peer-to-peer chat," says Hinden. "So in our new live chat, which we're hoping to launch in the early new year, customers will be able to say when they'd like to view the space just by the push of a button, without needing to go into a long winded discussion.

"In essence, we shouldn't be the ones promoting the space, customers should be going through a self-service through the new age of selecting and checking out. That's why I think the internet has developed. It's not so much how you sell but how you deal with your customers, and we're always there to support people."

Ofixu hopes to get to a stage where it can respond to customer enquiries, such as daily rates and viewing requests, fast and effectively, and the integration of AI technology is the best way to deliver that.

"That's what I believe in. We can become that eBay type, with all types of categories in an A to Z that are available to everyone," Hinden says. "The business is about the people, and I think that is what should appeal to everyone."