It’s beyond me why, like Estate Agents, Recruitment Agencies still exist.

In this ultra-interconnected world why do people still insist on using an intermediary? Big data /algorithm should simply match your perfect candidate by criteria/skills required and automatically invite them to interview. Another commission greedy suit’s task I can’t wait for a robot to replace.

So, resolute in not using companies which constantly bombard my Linkedin account, my team and I have the unenviable task of CV reviewing. I guess that answers why these agencies exist; people can’t be bothered to do the legwork.

I’ve never written a CV, but I’ve read a few.

It’s painful. Everyone and their dog has a degree of some sort now, so trying to differentiate someone is hard. People hire people - so it’s no wonder employers are scanning an applicant's social graph first. Images of an applicant inebriated in a bus stop with her skirt around her head, doesn’t do her much favour, but at least it’s real. Citing ‘Socialising with Friends’ as your hobby tells me how vacant a person is.

I’ve employed with mixed success: On the whole I’ve had loyal and amazing team members, some with me for over a decade - although you constantly have to invest in training, or staff get out of touch fast nowadays. However, I couldn’t understand why one guy couldn’t produce the same great work he presented on the iPad in his interview - when he replied he didn’t present on an iPad, it dawned on me. I’d hired the wrong person. Oops.

Another claimed he was out of the office meeting clients, but he was actually down the pub. The same crashed his car to make a fraudulent insurance claim. I often get asked for references as to this day his CV claims he worked for me 5 years longer than he did. Bottom line - whoever they are, whatever they say - check AND ALWAYS GET REFERENCES. Employers on the whole seem apprehensive about calling the last employer to ask them their opinion - but just do it.

Don’t think you have to employ at home either. This week I’m headed to Buenos Aires, I’m setting up a small three man team there to build a new app. The cost is the same as employing one developer here - and these guys really want it.

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