The big news this week came from Google and its restructuring under new parent company Alphabet. It’s heartening to hear that part of its aim is to legitimise and make more transparent some of its more innovative and pioneering projects – exciting times are ahead. See also: 12 best uses of IoT in the enterprise.

Following on from this game-changing announcement, it was good to find out some useful facts about Google’s new CEO, Sundar Pichai. An engineer with a love of cricket, he is well respected among the developer community, which should bode well for the company and its new structure.

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Nanotechnology has long been seen as a way to revolutionise healthcare, and the latest development to come from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, Australia uses a capsule containing nanoparticles to deliver life-saving drugs to heart attack and stroke patients. It’s a significant step forward – researchers are looking at expanding the use of nanoparticles to tackle other life-limiting conditions.

As the Internet of Things gradually becomes a reality both in business and increasingly in our homes, it’s interesting to see that the NSA is funding a project by the University of Alabama to make the IoT a safer proposition. It’s considered to be a welcome step by many in an industry which boasts a ‘dizzying array’ of systems.

Telecoms industry regulator Ofcom has launched an online tool which lets users see what kind of mobile coverage they can expect from their provider. Built using data from mobile operators and Ofcom’s own information, it’s a very useful map as well as a reality check for both users and providers.