For this portion of the series, we’re featuring Jo. In her day job she's working as a front-end developer for Live Nation, a leading music event organiser, helping fans connect with their favourite artists and discover new music they’ll adore.

She never stops looking for ways to make the user experience even more immediate and accessible. In her spare time, she runs events that celebrate diversity in the tech industry and contributes to open-source projects that make a difference.

A self-taught coder, DIY fixer and swing-dancer, Jo’s keen to pass on what she’s learnt. She brings her experience and endless enthusiasm into everything she does. Richer interactions are just the start.

Braintree is proud to support the “A day in the life of a developer” series as it focuses in on developers – like Jo – who want to spend time launching projects, making sure their payments work. From flexible APIs and strong documentation to white glove technical support, Braintree is there for developers to make payments painless.

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