Whether they’re working from Paris or Pisa, Bristol or Berlin, developers strive to create technology that transforms the business world. Even while they’re up to their eyeballs wrangling raw code, Braintree are connecting companies with consumers, changing industries and helping launch new ideas and brands. Quietly, behind the scenes, they’re building the architecture of the digital future.

Take the subject of our final video, Giles. A self-taught coder and co-founder of a Urban Massage, he builds the apps and back-end services that put massage therapists in touch with those in need of therapy. When he's not developing the company’s cutting-edge logistics platform he’s making his own music or reading the latest from the world’s best business minds. Giles knows that a good developer never stops learning, and that frameworks and languages matter less than how you use them. He’s 100 per cent committed to making his start-up smarter and driving its success.

Braintree is proud to support the “A day in the life of a developer” series as it focuses in on developers – like Giles – who want to spend time getting stuck into their projects, not making sure their payments work. From flexible APIs and strong documentation to white glove technical support, Braintree is there for developers to make payments painless.

For more information – and to try out the sandbox – go to braintreepayments.com

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