For this reason, techUK has joined UKTI DSO and eight other British cyber security companies on a booth at the exhibition. Together with officials from the wider UK Government, including the UK’s Cyber Ambassador and Cyber Envoy, the UK booth at RSA intends to showcase the best of British cyber security capabilities.

The UK delegation began the morning with a briefing at the British Consulate led by Priya Guha, the British Consul General in San Francisco. We received a comprehensive overview of Silicon Valley and the potential for UK trade and investment in San Francisco, hearing about the vast opportunities for growth for UK companies looking to crack the American market.

Security hacker magnifying glass

In such a highly competitive environment, we learnt that it was important for UK companies to maintain a US presence and remain committed to the market to have a chance of succeeding.

techUk at the RSA cybersecurity show San Francisco April 2015

Despite having a great reputation in America for technologies such as mobile and financial services apps, cloud infrastructure and cyber security, it was key that UK companies talk in a language that their American counterparts can understand in order to remain above the competition; self-deprecating humour and sarcasm may not always go down too well with an American audience…

After the briefing it was off to the Moscone Centre to set up our exhibition space.  With further briefings lined up for the UK delegation throughout the conference with the likes of Silicon Valley Bank and Stanford University, the exhibition itself and the wider activities planned by UKTI promise to make this an informative week.  

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