The day began with a detailed briefing from Hotwire, a strategic PR company that specialises in technology, who explained how cyber-security companies should position themselves in a US media environment that can be complex for small, foreign start-ups. The Hotwire team emphasised the importance of social media when operating in Silicon Valley for the first time; although this may seem an obvious observation it was interesting to hear how many companies failed at the first hurdle when trying to implement a comprehensive social media strategy for engaging with the US market. 

The Hotwire briefing was followed by a visit from Silicon Valley Bank, a high tech commercial bank which provides financial solutions to innovate technology companies. The briefing from Silicon Valley Bank explained how they help SMEs in the technology sector access the finance necessary to compete in America. The bank places a large amount of emphasis on innovative cyber start-ups,  which are seen as the future of the industry, are able to focus on one specific problem within the cyber security landscape. 

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The delegation then travelled to Stanford University, where President Obama recently held his summit on cyber security and consumer protection. The briefing at the University highlighted the important work academia can play in supporting industry to find innovative solutions to new cyber security problems. 

It’s been clear this week that cyber security is seen as a key market in the US, just as it is at home. There is huge potential for British firms looking to export to this market, and plenty of organisations excited and keen to help them take advantage of this opportunity. 

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