Such is security’s depressing entropy that if you wait long enough for something to happen, it will come to pass.

And so we heard today of a spoof Skype site that people can visit after receiving an email that claims to come from the Internet phone call company, offering a new version of its software (version 2.5 has just gone live in fact). It is, of course, a portal for loading up people’s PCs with a whole family of password-stealing malware.

According to the company that has publicised it, SurfControl, this particular con’s appetite for passwords takes some feeding – IM, FTP and email, it happily eats the lot.

Every other brand out there has been spoofed in one way or other, so why not Skype?

The fact that the original email is in Turkish could be taken to immunise the Internet from the ravages of this creative if basic con. Others will see this as a deliberate proof-of-concept stage for the English language version which will be along in short order.