Techworld has given some coverage to Secerno since the company launched at this year’s Infosecurity Show in London because they happen to be in an area of security that is woefully under-served – database security. The company has just announced version 1 of its software, Secerno.SQL.

As significant, we hear news that the company has just landed itself an interesting non-executive chairman, one Robert “Bob” Jones.

Jones would mistrust being called a “serial entrepreneur” (is that something to do with breakfasts?), even though as an engineer that’s sort of what he became by accident. Most notably, he sold one of his companies, Sonix, for a tidy sum to 3Com for back in the 1990s modem and ISDN boom, and the minute you do something like that more than once (he did) you are considered serial whether you like it or not.

More recently, he has put his best ideas into his second fling at security hardware vendor Equiinet, a company he invented, sold, then went back to after it started to flag.

Jones offers a lot of experience any new tech business would find worth having, but what is he getting in return? The mission statement of any startup is to be successful. But it never hurts to be interesting too.