The future is bright, but spammy. A dubious first for UK mobile-to-broadband network, Orange, which has claimed to title of hosting the most spammed email account in the UK.

According to spam-cleaning service ClearMyMail, a workshop foreman for Stagecoach buses called Colin Wells was receiving an average of 44,000 spam emails a day on his Orange broadband email account, equivalent to around 16 million a year.

Worse still, three of the top five spam-receiving accounts on ClearMyMail’s books have turned out to be run by Orange.

ClearMyMail quotes the poor chap. “ClearMyMail came along at just the right time – my only other option was to change my email address which I’ve had for years and is connected to all my log-on details for various sites, but it was getting to the point where I couldn’t see any other alternative,” Wells is quoted as saying.

Most people would have seen a pretty simple alternative. Buy a domain name, change ISPs to one that actually does a modicum of filtering, and then redirect email to/from the domain to the new address. Dump the old account completely. And stop using ISP domain email addresses to log in to websites.

Wells opted, instead, for ClearMyMail’s spam filtering service, which works well according to Techworld’s own tests, conducted some weeks ago. I use it myself. I shudder to think about the whitelisting setup Mr Wells must have gone through to get his account into order though.

Why didn’t he leave Orange? Presumably he complained to them. Why does Orange allow such massive volumes of crap to flood its servers without some basic filtering? Why do customers pay for this level of service?

My only peraonsl gripe with Orange is that every time you take in a malfunctioning phone back to them within its guarantee period they pass the buck to the manufacturer who then refuses to repair the set regardless of your case. It's a great way to get around consumer rights law. I digress.