The organisers of the Infosecurity Europe Show 2005 claim that 130 products and services will be launched at the event. A few of these are updates of existing products, but there are still a respectable number of new or new-ish products making their first appearance in the UK.

The following is a list of what we consider to be the most interesting, edited from a larger list supplied by the show organisers. A full list can be found at the show website.

- Perimeter security
Astaro AG will launch the Astaro Security Gateway line of network security appliances giving customers all the protection of the award-winning Astaro Security Linux software in pre-installed, easily configured appliances. Astaro Security Gateway 110, 120, 220, and 320 are designed to serve small and medium businesses, departments and divisions of large enterprises, and government and non-profit agencies. will launch the Bloxx® range of no nonsense web filtering appliances that uses advanced 3 tier filtering including active page scanning and offers users appliance based filtering without “cost per user” charges.

CyberGuard Europe Ltd will launch the TSP 7100 a new comprehensive network security appliance which delivers application-layer security to enterprises at gigabit throughput it combines the throughput and ease-of-management required to address the security threats that impact the most complex of enterprise environments.

SonicWALL will debut its Content Security Manager, a dedicated Internet filtering appliance that enhances employee productivity, optimises Internet connectivity and protects against legal liabilities by controlling access to undesired Web content.

StreamShield Networks will launch the world's first real-time, high speed, silicon based Content Security Gateway (CSG). This unique platform enables Service Providers to offer value-added customisable security services and enterprises to secure network traffic at unprecedented speeds of up to 5,000 emails per second for anti-virus and anti-spam, and up to 250,000 URL checks per second.

- Services
Idsec Ltd will launch Superwalk Plus, a unique service that bridges the gap between automated Internet security scans and full manual penetration. This gives companies the best of both worlds: the speed and convenience of automated penetration testing, plus the thoroughness and intuitiveness that only manual testing provides.

Kaspersky Lab will launch InfoWatch a unique security suite against confidential information leakage. The solution thoroughly monitors e-mail and web-traffic as well as file operations on workstations including printing and copying to removable media.

Network Box UK Ltd will launch V2.0 of its award-winning, appliance based threat protection service. Priced to appeal to SMEs, the all-inclusive service incorporates a remotely-managed firewall, IDP, anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, VPN, content filtering, and company policy. 24x7 protection is automatically updated using unique PUSH technology.

- Encryption
Thales e-Security
will launch its entry-level Datacryptor AP (Advanced Performance) 10Mbps IP Network Encryptor at Infosecurity Europe 2005. Aimed at both UK Government and commercial markets, it sets a new price/performance standard for protecting the confidentiality of data, voice and video transmissions over an IP network, it also provides an upgrade path to 100Mbps."

Data Encryption Systems will launch a new version of DESlock+ which allows encryption of files, folders, email, mountable drives and archives, corporate users have the option to extend the functionality with the hardware USB token.

- Mobile security
PortWise will showcase PortWise 4.0 a true industry first - an integrated, application-oriented platform which ensures the mobile workforce and distributed partners can gain secure access to corporate applications. The PortWise 4.0 platform includes integrated end-point security for corporate and untrusted devices, strong two-factor authentication, user authentication application-by-application, secure clientless access, access auditing, and session cleanup.

- Voice over IP
BorderWare Technologies Europe Ltd will showcase SIPassure the world's first SIP firewall for real-time Internet communications. It delivers the benefits of Internet telephony by managing and protecting the flow of VoIP-specific SIP communications against denial of service attacks, voice spam (vbombing), eavesdropping, and faked CallerID.

- Security software
PatchLink Corporation will launch PatchLink Anti-spyware Integration Module, which will give customers a fully integrated and centrally managed security solution for spyware, adware, key and password loggers, and other types of malicious software.

- Education
University Of East London will announce a new Masters programme provides professionals in the IT industry and public sector (Home Office, Police, etc) with specialist skills in information security and computer forensics.