The tradition of launching new products at shows has long since died a death, but this year’s Infosecurity show still features a sprinkling of genuinely new or recently new products. UK companies, in particular, have adopted the show as a good starting point for their newest technology and services.

The following is a list of what we consider to be the most interesting, edited from a larger press release list supplied by the show organisers. A full list of PR announcements can be accessed at the show website.

TRL Technology spotlights IP cryptography
TRL Technology will be showcasing the IPv4 version of CESG’s High Grade TOP SECRET ATM network cryptographic device (CATAPAN BID/1550/1) on Stand No: G944. CATAPAN units are typically deployed to protect and secure MoD network implementations throughout the UK and overseas, with ATM CATAPAN units already installed in a number of critical, sensitive links and networks.

The design of IP CATAPAN builds on the proven and reliable chassis of the ATM CATAPAN, with minor software and firmware changes to the human-machine interface, plus specialist IP (Ethernet 10/100Mb BaseF) Line Interface Modules. CESG (GCHQ) is evaluating TRL Technology’s IP CATAPAN to protect information up to and including TOP SECRET CODEWORD. The IP CATAPAN can secure 200 cryptographically separate sessions across any IPv4 network, operating at a speed of up to 100Mbps.

TRL Technology continues to invest in new methodologies, designed to streamline encryption system maintenance. With ATM CATAPAN and IP CATAPAN, the periodic key filling process can be handled remotely – representing an important step towards realising a new generation of fit-and-forget broadband cryptos.

Websense and Crossbeam Systems – UTM meets web security
Websense Web Security Suite has now been integrated with the award winning Crossbeam X-Series network switches and C-Series stand-alone appliances to offer scalable web security and web filtering along with a state-of-the-art, consolidated security infrastructure. Crossbeam’s high performance X-Series and C-Series appliances enable customers to run multiple security applications from leading security companies including firewalls, intrusion prevention and protection systems, and web security on a single platform offering simplified deployment of best-of-breed filtering capabilities.

Websense Web Security Suite addresses weaknesses in antivirus, anti-spyware, personal firewall, and patch management processes to prevent zero-day attacks, mitigate the danger from protocol-based applications by managing the use of peer-to-peer (P2P), email, file transfer (FTP), and other protocols. Websense also provide instant messaging (IM) security and ensures compliance by managing IM and IM attachments which are significant risks for intellectual property theft as well as malicious attacks.

Websense offers advanced reporting to detect malicious code, spyware, hacking tools, and other network security risks. Together with Crossbeam, the Websense Web Security Suite proactively secures organizations from internet-based attack vectors in a high-performance, easy-to-deploy appliance platform.

Trend Micro protection for devices running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0
Trend Micro will be showing its new antivirus and SMS anti-spam protection for data-centric wireless mobile devices running on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0.

Trend Micro Mobile Security helps mobile operators, enterprises, and consumers protect themselves from malicious mobile code like viruses and SMS spam. By protecting their mobile workforce, large organisations can help ensure employee productivity and secure the extended company network from malicious attack.

Trend Micro Mobile Security also enables mobile operators to provide value-added security services to their subscribers.

Trend Micro Mobile Security protects devices running a number of operating systems. These systems include Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE for Smartphone, Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE for Pocket PC and PocketPC Phone Edition, Symbian OS 7.0 with UIQ 2.0/2.1 , Symbian OS v7.0s/v8.0a/v8.1a with Series 60 User Interface and now Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0.

For more information and a complete list of supported devices, visit

Secure Computing announces channel launch of SnapGear UTM
Secure Computing has announced the introduction of its SnapGear portfolio of secure Internet connectivity appliances for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) and branch offices of larger enterprises (SME) to its channel partners worldwide.
This launch extends Secure Computing's unified threat management offering from the largest data centers to the smallest offices environments, allowing channel partners to compete in the full range of unified threat management opportunities. Targeted specifically to the unique needs of small and medium businesses, the SnapGear product line is comprised of seven appliance models starting at $249 (US) and represents an important milestone in the execution of Secure Computing's post-merger strategy.

According to IDC, there were more than 60 million SMBs worldwide which represented $450 billion in IT spending in 2005. SnapGear addresses this growing demand for strong, yet manageable, network security for small and medium businesses by combining the best of Secure Computing's enterprise-proven security protection with an easy-to-use Internet connectivity appliance. A flexible solution, SnapGear can be deployed as a stand-alone firewall, a VPN gateway, a unified threat-management appliance or as a complete, secure network-in-a-box with all of the Internet and network connectivity features normally available only in enterprise-class devices.

ScanSafe Announces First Integrated Managed Service for IM and Web Security
ScanSafe, the pioneer in managed Web security services, today announced that it is expanding its managed security services to help transform Instant Messaging (IM) from an enterprise security risk into a secure, compliant and controlled collaborative tool.

IM Control, ScanSafe’s new addition to its fully managed service portfolio, provides companies and employees with protection against the multiple risks associated with uncontrolled use of public IM networks such as Yahoo!, MSN Messenger and AOL, while maintaining the powerful productivity benefits of these applications. Companies can now address their growing security concerns with the world’s first integrated managed security service for high-performance scanning of Web and IM traffic.

ScanSafe IM Control requires only a simple configuration change before providing full virus-scanning protection and content filtering for all IM traffic, as well as sophisticated control and reporting. Powered by leading IM security vendor Akonix and utilising Outbreak Intelligence, ScanSafe’s heuristics engine, all public IM communications are protected against malware with a complete “defence in depth” security architecture.

ScanSafe’s unique service does not require the use of a proprietary client; enterprises can continue to use the existing public clients that employees are already using. Additionally, IM Control supports a corporate archive by plugging into existing solutions; compliance is automatically built in.

Wick Hill to showcase Netasq
Wick Hill has announced the UK launch of Netasq’s F800 high performance unified threat management (UTM) appliance. This new generation UTM solution, with real time intrusion prevention, provides an always-on, gigabit platform ideal for the largest enterprises, both in terms of performance and upgradeability.

The F800 holds 8 Gigabit interfaces, which allow internal networks to be segmented and divided into trusted zones (e.g. by department, by server or by the floor in the building). This means all traffic must pass through the UTM appliance, when moving between zones, providing internal security - especially important as internal networks are the source of most security threats.

As maximum protection is provided for each zone in the network at gigabit speed, the F800 is the perfect solution for large enterprises seeking to segment their networks without compromising on performance. Gigabit interfaces and throughput exceeding 600 Mbps, measured with all functions on (including IPS), allow organisations to get the best from high-performance architectures.

This is different from most competitors who provide performance measurements with many functions switched off, so the F800 is comparable with products that claim much higher headline-rated throughput.

The F800 supports version 6.1 and benefits from all the features common to the NETASQ range – real-time intrusion prevention, stateful firewall functions on applications, SSL and IPSec VPNs, content filtering and NETASQ's stateful QOS (quality of service).

Xrio - connectivity technology on show
Xrio Limited, the Internet connectivity specialists, is to give free demonstrations of its load balancing technology at the InfoSecurity show. The company is showcasing its Q-Balance and recently introduced Nexus Way family of products and is giving an open invitation to visitors to see the technology in action.

According to Xrio’s Chief Technical Officer, Daniel Waite, uninterrupted connectivity and bandwidth scalability are now key operational issues for many companies: “In today’s business world losing connectivity means losing business. Large companies can protect themselves by investing in reliable and often expensive connections but Xrio technology gives every organisation a much more affordable solution by harnessing multiple low cost links.”

The Q-Balancer and NexusWay family of products work by utilising multiple low cost Internet links, intelligently monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic flow and balancing the load between connections.

With entry level products starting at around £200 with the benefit of scalable functionality and more advanced service and gateway systems, Xrio is able to offer companies of every size and shape a product to meet their individual needs. “The technology means that permanent connectivity can be guaranteed, system performance and bandwidth is optimised and operating overheads and risks are reduced,” says Waite.