“Get a Mac” opined one expert at a leading security vendor, as reported by a number of news outlets.

"The continuing rise of malware will concern many - the criminals responsible are obviously making money from their code, otherwise they'd give up the game," Graham Cluley of Sophos was quoted as saying, much to the joy of the Mac-pack in the press.

"It seems likely that Macs will continue to be the safer place for computer users for some time to come - something that home users may wish to consider if they're deliberating about the next computer they should purchase," he continued.

Perhaps he’s right on a philosophical level, but I doubt someone as experienced as Cluley would advocate simply buying another computer platform as a solution on its own.

It’s a fact that Mac users are so secure they don’t – by some margin - bother to buy as much security software as Windows users do. In fact, without Windows users, most of the security companies that are all jumping into Mac protection (Sophos included) probably wouldn’t have a market from which to develop anything.

So whatever you buy, don’t just buy a Mac. Buy some software protection, preferably in the form of an all-in-one suite, and don’t assume that even this will be enough. Then make sure your home computer is behind a router/firewall combination, so you have some layering of protection. And dispense will applications – Internet Explorer for instance – that have been shown to be prone to security holes.

If you already have a PC, this will turn out to be a whole lot cheaper than buying a new computer.

You can get a podcast of Graham Cluley’s musings on security here (an iwhat?).