An editor at US title InfoWorld has reminded me that it has a campaign . to save the soon-to-be discarded XP, now in its last months of sanctioned life.

You can learn about XP’s many advantages over Vista, and even get some advice on how to migrate back to XP from a machine that is struggling with Microsoft’s newer OS. Inevitably, there is a counter which tracks the number of days (163 at today’s reckoning), hours, minutes and seconds until it disappears from sale.

‘OS activism’ and ‘Microsoft’ are not phrases I ever imagined would sit beside one another so easily, but I don’t get the feeling that people exactly love XP. It’s just preferable to Vista if you don’t happen to want to upgrade your whole PC because Microsoft has decreed that it wants to sell newer software.

Many operating systems have come and gone, but It’s a serious point - who decides when and how people upgrade the software that runs a PC? The customers are telling Microsoft something it will probably ignore because it doesn’t want to hear what they are saying. The days of just shipping software in huge cycles is over.

Another possibility is that Microsoft starts taking the concept of dual boot more seriously, perhaps by building it into whatever comes after Vista in 2010 or thereabouts. Would it have hurt if people could boot up their ‘legacy’ OS on the same machine as the newer OS? In fact, this is possible now, but it’s not as straightforward with Vista as it should be.

You can sign the pro-XP petition here .