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  • Nokia Lumia 930
  • Nokia Lumia 1020 review
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    HTC 8S review

    The HTC Windows Phone 8S is an affordable alternative to those looking out for a Windows Phone 8 smartphone

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    Nokia Lumia 820 review

    The Lumia 820 may be overshadowed by the Lumia 920 but this Windows Phone 8 smartphone is not to be ignored

  • Apps mobility tablet

    Nokia Lumia 920 review

    Flagship Windows 8 smartphone only being let down by somewhat limited app store, which should change

  • Mobile device management tablet

    HTC 8X review

    The 8X is HTC's flagship handset running the new Windows Phone 8 OS, and is the bigger brother of the 8S

  • Apps mobility tablet
  • Mobile device management tablet
  • Apps smartphone

    Nokia Lumia 920 preview

    One of the first Windows Phone 8 smartphones to be announced looks great and performs smoothly

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