Google Glass review: Android and iPhone compatibility

Google Glass 2.0 connects directly to the internet by means of regular Wi-Fi connection. The way Glass enters passwords is pretty smart. First you tap on Settings > Join network and choose the network you want; then you go online using a computer, phone or tablet to the website and tap on My WiFi networks.

You enter the Wi-Fi network name and password into the MyGlass website, and it displays a QR code (containing the information). Glass then scans this QR code and connects to a Wi-Fi router. Thus, you never have to  enter the password manually (which would be tricky with the Glass Touchpad).

Google Glass Wi-Fi

The Glass website also enables you to get information on your Glass device, add contacts, check on its location and also add and remove apps from Glass.

Google has also released a MyGlass companion app for both Android and iOS (but not Windows Phone). The MyGlass app enables you to view device information, and add contacts or apps to Glass. It also makes it easier to set up Glass and connect to Wi-Fi networks (by generating the QR codes that Glass uses to connect to Wi-Fi networks).

The other main uses for the MyGlass app is to share your GPS with the Glass as it does not have this on-board. f your phone contract includes data sharing, you can set up your phone as a mobile hotspot and share its data connection with Glass.

Google Glass sends all the photos and video you record to the Google+ website. This occurs when Glass is connected to a Wi-Fi network and is plugged in to the mains.

Google MyGlass App

You pair Glass to your Android phone, or iPhone, using Bluetooth. Once Glass is paired with a smartphone you are able to make and receive phone calls on Glass. The phone call quality isn't great using the built-in Bone Inducing Headphone, but Glass comes with a single USB earphone.

We were surprised to find Google Glass offer almost identical support for iPhone users as their own Android customers. The only omission for iPhone users is that they can't send and receive SMS messages with Glass; this feature requires an Android phone.

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