When you first launch My Movies Pro for Android you will be asked to register with a username and password. This is so that the app can sync with a cloud server for if you ever need to restore your info. This is a good idea because you wouldn't want to re-catalogue your movie collection info again if you needed to reinstall the app or the Android OS. However we would like this to be an option rather than a preset. We should be able to use the app without having to create an account if we choose to.

Reminiscent of a video rental store's shelves, the My Movies Pro for Android interface looks clean and designed to a high standard, with tablets in mind. The top menu bar has options to populate your film list via text input or a barcode scanner with the help of your mobile device's built-in camera.

You will need to have a Wi-Fi connection as My Movies Pro for Android uses film database to identify each title. Both ways worked very well for us, with the odd barcode not being recognised on first attempt. When using the manual input method the app found multiple options for a specific Blu-ray. We then needed to identify whether it was the original, directors cut, Blu-ray and DVD, or some other edition. You can then group the specific title with a choice of categories such as Owned, Rented, On Wish List.

The My Movies Pro for Android uses multiple film databases' which means it should find every film you might have in your collection. It will first search in your given country, we got a message saying that one of our titles was found in another country, then we were given the option to use that release in our catalogue. In our test My Movie Pro only did not find one obscure title that we looked for.

My Movies Pro

Once you have your films in your My Movies list, they appear in the library with a large cover representing each film. Blu-ray or DVD boxes represent which film format it is. This is a nice touch as you can quickly identify the type of format.

If you don't want to display your films alphabetically you can also choose to sort them by collection number, Rating, Running time, Year, Release Date or Added Date. If you need to further filter your collection, you also have the options to do it by Genre, Watched, Parental Rating or even Loaned Out. And of course you also have the option to use the search tool.

Aside from your own film collection, My Movies also gives you options to view recent DVD/BD releases as well as to view trailers of films that are hitting the cinemas soon.

We had no problems with watching a few recent film trailers at full screen. They loaded almost instantly. In fact we were presently surprised at how fast the video clips started playing.

Finally you have an option, which we found very useful, that allows you to share your catalogue via email or even Facebook. You can send a simple txt file or a more complete .csv file.


We did experience the occasional crash, which we hope will be fixed in the next update. Over all though, My Movies Pro for Android is a great app for any film collector or anyone that just want to have a list of their movies handy. It's also a great way to keep track of which one of your mates still has that 300 Blu-ray they borrowed from you half a year ago.