lets you upload video via its website, an FTP address or a cross-platform desktop utility called UpperBlip; you can also upload a clip from your mobile phone.

We found uploading via the website to be a cinch, although an average upload speed of 105kbps (kilobits per second) meant that our test file took about 15 minutes to upload versus the norm of around 5 minutes we found at most other video-sharing sites. However, once uploaded, the video was processed and available for viewing almost immediately.

We liked being given the option to upload our own thumbnails or to have one created for us, and we appreciated's ability to cross-post videos automatically to numerous blogging platforms.

Like most of the video-sharing sites we've tested, converts videos you upload into generally average-looking Flash 8 video. Its Flash 8 video actually seemed a little worse than that of rivals, but thankfully (and uniquely), also lets users stream or download the original high-quality file that you first uploaded - fantastic. You can also provide viewers with multiple video formats to download (for iPod or mobile phone playback, for instance) by converting them yourself and uploading them to a single video page. has a number of HTML code options when it comes to embedding videos into your website or blog. Choices include "Flipper" style (an image thumbnail is first clicked on to play the video), "Inline" style (standard embedded Flash player), pop-up style (opens a new window with your video in it), and linked style (plays your video in a new, otherwise empty browser window). You can also embed the "Show Player" Flash player, which lets viewers watch your video in full-screen mode.


Web video connoisseurs will like's superior-quality raw video feeds and optional revenue sharing.