The interface in Avid Studio features a central tab group in the main window. This is where you import and export files and footage. You can import non-copyright DVD and Blu-ray footage, a large amount of bundled royalty free footage, video from any attached video device or from Watch folders on your PC.

Avid Studio also provides two special single frame import modes, Stop motion and Snapshot. The Library, used for storing, viewing and organising clips, also contains SmartSlide and SmartMovie, built-in project generators that allow you to create a slideshow or movie automatically based on media you supply.

Of course you can also create and edit your own movie. There are two project editors for this purpose. The first, Movie, is for assembling clips from your imported footage on a timeline and editing the result to create a movie. The second project editor, Disc, has the same tools and functions, but also offers the ability to add menus for navigation and playback of the movie on a DVD or Blu-ray disc.

In both editors the process involves trimming and moving clips on the timeline to create a story, adding transitions, titles, music and effects to add polish to the end result.

Avid Studio

Certain features stand out. Scorefitter is an integrated music generator, providing you with custom-composed, royalty free music exactly adjusted to the duration required for your movie.

The library and project timeline also offer a suite of non-destructive correction tools. These allow you to adjust Library assets to solve problems such as removing camera shake, suppress audio hiss, cropping unwanted parts of an image and so on. You are get effects plugins from Red Giant that are more commonly found in high end broadcast video applications.

Avid Studio

Export options include a large number of file formats (such as iPhone, Windows Media, PSP and MOV), disc export (DVD, Blu-ray and AVCHD disc) and web output in the form of YouTube export in various resolutions.


Avid Studio is reasonably priced and easy to use yet has some very powerful features under the bonnet.