There are several media streaming solutions for the Mac now, including iTunes built-in capabilities. However, few can boast the ease of setup and comprehensive file support offered by ZumoCast.

It turns your Mac into a private media and file server that can be accessed from another desktop computer running ZumoCast, an iPad or iPhone running the mobile version, or even from a web browser at

Where it differs from the streaming service built into iTunes is that there are no real restrictions on content. You add folders to ZumoCast and they’re then available from your account wherever you log in.

There’s no intermediary upload stage, like there is with Dropbox. As long as your machine is running, connected to the net and running ZumoCast, those files will be available.

The tool uses open source transcoder FFmpeg to transcode media on the fly as it’s streaming. The less work this transcoder has to do, the better the results.

You can use open source tools like VLC Media Player to stream media, but VLC is harder to configure. With ZumoCast you just install the software, set up an account and start streaming.


The accompanying web interface is easy to use. That’s the client side to the desktop app’s server tool. But the best experience seems to be in iOS. With the iPad app, you can see and control all your movies and have remote access to your iTunes library, whether you’re on another continent or in the same room.