WebGUI is aimed at businesses, universities, and schools that need an easy-to-use web publishing system. WebGUI functions as a full-fledged CMS and offers the ability to publish articles, create forums, build photo galleries, conduct surveys and polls, manage projects, create interactive event calendars, create complex data entry forms, sell and advertise products, sell and maintain subscription services, maintain site security through users and groups and manage individual user interface levels.

Normally, a CMS is complex to install, configure, and use, but WebGUI overcomes those three challenges by offering the server as a virtual appliance that runs under VMware's virtualisation products. A community-based, open source approach has steadily improved the product to the point where its browser based interface is one of the easiest for end users to use. That same interface powers administrative features, keeping setup and changes relatively easy.


WebGUI includes a multitude of integrated applications that allow users to build websites and intranets the way they want. There are tools for creating e-commerce sites, sites with dynamic content, and editors for end users that eliminate the need to learn HTML to create web content.


WebGUI is one of the most complete CMS products available, and will require little modification to meet an organisation's basic web publishing needs. It will prove to be ideal for nonprofits and other businesses with limited budgets.