AS Communication Gateway offers anti-spam and email anti-virus protection for networks of any size. The product was developed in Europe and is available as a virtual appliance from the underground8 website. Because it sits between the mail server and incoming email traffic, it filters out the bad stuff even before delivery to the server.

The AS Communication Gateway uses the ASMX engine for spam and malware detection. The product features 20 filters for spam detection and reliably blocks as much as 80 percent of incoming spam. Features include an adaptive email quarantine for each users, where the user can see the quarantine contents and spam digests displayed using an intuitive interface. The quarantine operates automatically and sets up the correct protection mechanisms for each user based on what the user does and does not flag as spam.

AS Communication Gateway

A botnet filter is included as well as dual layer antivirus scanning. AS Communication Gateway also includes protection against DoS attacks and, for a price, can integrate the antivirus engine from Kaspersky Labs.


AS Communication Gateway provides a complete email security solution, removing known and unknown threats like spam, phishing, worms, and Trojans without major administration and user effort.