It isn't a quick performer and the price tag is intimidating, but if you need a very light laptop with the battery life to see you through hours of work, the Sony Vaio TZ10MN/N may just be your best choice.

The Sony Vaio TZ10MN/N fires up within just a few seconds, revealing an extremely bright and vibrant screen. The Balanced screen mode prolongs the already excellent battery – we got an excellent three hours' use, with nearly twice that in power-saving mode.

Sony supplies only a 1.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, backed by 2GB of DDR RAM and a 100GB drive. This combination powered the Sony Vaio TZ10MN/N to a rather lowly WorldBench 6 speed score of 40 points.

The keyboard has a bouncy action and keys that are small but easy to use. We liked the fact that you have to specifically press on the navigational keypad below the qwerty keypad – you don't find yourself inadvertently activating options with the heel of your hand.

It's fair to say that the Sony Vaio TZ10MN/N is delicate by comparison with
some of its rivals. Its chassis is far slimmer and the protective surround for the 11in screen is only half as thick. This inevitably makes the Sony Vaio TZ10MN/N less robust, but it has a good solid hinge – we've seen far flimsier laptop lids than this.

We're also impressed that Sony managed to sneak an eight-speed dual-layer DVD drive into a chassis only 2cms deep.


The Sony Vaio TZ10MN/N is a compact and lightweight model with a superb battery life. This is a stylish laptop for those with money to splurge.