The Samsung Q1 Ultra HSDPA is a great device if you just need to stay online while you're on the move, but it's not really equipped for anything more taxing.

Samsung has been a long time supporter of the UMPC format and the latest addition to its dinky PC range is the Q1 Ultra HSDPA.

As the name suggests, the Samsung Q1 Ultra HSDPA includes an HSDPA (high-speed download packet access) adaptor so you can access the internet wherever you've got a mobile phone signal if you pop in a compatible SIM card.

The Samsung Q1 Ultra HSDPA is certainly a usable machine, but you'd probably find things difficult if it was your primary PC.

It's great to use when you're out and about, especially as you can take the internet with you pretty much wherever you go, but the Samsung Q1 Ultra HSDPA is not really suitable for fulltime use.

Take the keyboard for example. It's split between the top two corners of the device, with half the keys on each side. Just getting used to the Samsung Q1 Ultra HSDPA's layout takes a fair amount of time and the keys are also pretty small. It's better than having no keyboard at all, but use it for any serious amount of input and it'll start to annoy you.

The Samsung Q1 Ultra HSDPA is pretty underpowered, featuring an 800MHz Intel A110 chip and just 1GB of RAM, which managed to achieve a WorldBench 6 score of only 14.

Likewise, the Samsung Q1 Ultra HSDPA only managed a poor 2 frames per second (fps) running the demanding FEAR gaming test – no surprise for a UMPC.

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