The Philips 11NB5800 has a tiny footprint, making it a great machine to carry with you wherever you go, but the trade-off is a lack of space that makes the keyboard a little cramped.

Laptops bearing the Philips badge are sold exclusively through PC World and the rest of the Dixons Store Group.

The ultraportable Philips 11NB5800 differs in name from its stablemate, the 12NB5800, by only a single digit, but in all other respects is a different beast from its bigger sibling.

Put the Philips 11NB5800 and the 12NB5800 side by side and the two laptops don't even look as though they were produced by the same manufacturer. Their performance scores were also markedly different.

The Philips 11NB5800 managed only to achieve a WorldBench 6 score of 51 while its big brother all but led the pack. However, while the Philips 11NB5800 has an ample 2GB allocation of RAM, it's only equipped with a 1.2GHz Intel Core Duo U2500 and this limits its performance.

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Games are a non-starter as the Philips 11NB5800's Intel 945GM chip managed only to achieve a lowly 2 frames per second (fps) running the difficult FEAR framerate test.

Battery life is better, though, with the Philips 11NB5800 almost topping three hours of intensive use, running for 176 minutes before the battery finally gave up.

Unlike 99 percent of the laptops industry, Philips has chosen to equip the Philips 11NB5800 with a 1,366x768 resolution screen rather than the 1,280x800 normally seen. In use, there's little difference between the two, however. The glossy display produces great colours and contrast, although like all screens of this type it is a little reflective.

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