MSI enters the ultraportable market with the PR210, a stylish and attractive laptop whose 12.1in screen allows the weight to be low enough to allow for frequent carrying. The MSI PR210's 1.8GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 processor offers enough power to run multiple applications without much of a struggle although, with a WorldBench 6 score of 55, it's hardly a speed demon.

The MSI PR210's display is crisp and full of colour, and noticeably better than that of some of the other ultraportables we have reviewed. The MSI PR210's graphics controller is perhaps a touch lackluster though, and the games frame rate of 5fps (frames per second) was less than thrilling. Despite this, we can see the MSI PR210 working well as an entertainment laptop, particularly with the addition of the optional TV tuner. The MSI PR210's range of multimedia features mean it'll appeal to many a consumer, although we would have liked to see volume or multimedia playback buttons in a notebook with this focus.

The MSI PR210's Multi-DVD burner enhances its multimedia capabilities even further, allowing you to burn photos and videos. And with 120GB of storage you will have ample space to keep a decent amount on your laptop. The MSI PR210's connectivity options (including a trio of USB ports and support for b and g wireless networks) are pretty decent, and you can add Bluetooth to the basic configuration should you wish.

Battery life is quite decent, although we were a little irritated at how long it took for the MSI PR210's battery to fully charge. The trackpad is easy to use, but for those who don't like using laptop trackpads there is a useful USB mouse thrown in to the package. This latter item is, of course, a feature you'll either love or hate. Nonetheless, it's nice to have the option.


This MSI PR210 is reasonably priced for an ultraportable model, and packs in a lot of features and reasonable connectivity options. The MSI PR210 also offers a high quality display perfect for watching movies on. We weren't overly impressed by the MSI PR210's gaming and WorldBench scores, but for consumers valuing entertainment capabilities, or for business executives on the move, the MSI PR210 is unlikely to disappoint.