The LG Netbook X110 conforms to most netbook criteria: it's durable but with dainty proportions, has a limited specification list in line with the breed and runs the evergreen Windows XP Home. In fact, the LG Netbook X110 is marginally faster than most netbooks we've tried to date, attaining a better-than-average WorldBench 6 score of 40. In use it even feels fairly nippy.

Tapping away at the LG Netbook X110's comfortable keys never feels like a chore - the qwerty keyboard is nearly as large as a full-size laptop, with only the function keys obvious as being crammed in. The keys have just the right amount of travel and responsiveness you need to touchtype.

Another thing that distinguishes the LG Netbook X110 is that, after sustained use, you don't feel your lap getting uncomfortably warm, as heat is extracted through a grille on the chassis' lefthand side.

The comfort factor is relatively shortlived, though: the LG Netbook X110 surprised us by putting in a low battery performance of 133 minutes - little more than two hours. We initially wondered if the internal 3G modem or Wi-Fi connection had been unnecessarily draining the battery, but checking the machine's status showed otherwise.

In its favour are the LG Netbook X110's lack of weight, attractive and solidly built chassis, good-quality 1.3Mp webcam - Cyberlink's preinstalled software proved a fun accompaniment here - and pleasingly bright screen.

The standard resolution is 1024x600, but can be increased to 1024x768; at which point the LG Netbook X110's screen becomes vertically scrollable. LG's Magnifier software is a helpful inclusion for users with poor vision - it can magnify onscreen items up to x8, with magnified areas displayed on one side and in standard resolution in a window next to it.

We also liked the LG Netbook X110's subtle curves and the way the white fascia continued underneath the casing. Being able to easily find and access the slots and ports we needed makes a change from having to scrabble about with USB ports hidden behind the hinge.


LG has put together a superior netbook that is more attractive than some, runs faster than most and is eminently usable too. If it weren't for the curiously poor battery performance, we'd have been happy to award the LG Netbook X110 our Recommended badge.