Running Windows XP Home, the Gigabyte M912X is perhaps more correctly described as a netbook - but even the Gigabyte packaging also refers to it as an MID.

It has a 1,024x600-pixel touchscreen that isn't particularly bright but can swivel clockwise so the screen is uppermost and it functions as a tablet PC. We found the Gigabyte M912X's touchscreen surprisingly responsive - not something you can say of all tablets, as our experiences with the first edition UMPCs proved.

The review sample Gigabyte M912X that Expansys sent us had Windows XP Home running in Classic mode - in other words the graphics were flat with a Win XP-esque grey background.

You get copies of Viewer programs for Microsoft Office applications, which is a bit of a surprise on the Gigabyte M912X - a device with 1GB of DDRII RAM at its disposal and a 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU. Given the price tag of £519, we'd have expected at least Microsoft Works, if not Microsoft Office itself.

A webcam, 802.11b and g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and SD and ExpressCard slots make up the hardware list.


Neither a great netbook, or a true MID, the Gigabyte M912X ought to be a nippy machine but seems rather clunky and expensive by comparison with the latest netbooks.