Small, cheap laptops are all the rage at the moment. Fujitsu Siemens' Lifebook P8010 can easily fulfill the small part, but it doesn't quite fit into the cheap category – in fact you could buy five of Asus' Eee PCs for the same amount.

The Lifebook is aimed at a different market, however – the business traveller that needs a small, light laptop to keep them company on the road, but with enough power to get some proper work done. It's a role that it largely succeeds at. Its 1.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo SL7100 processor and 2GB of RAM managed to achieve a WorldBench 6 result of 59, which is good for a tiny laptop weighing just 1.2kg.

As you'd expect, it's not really up to playing games – its integrated Intel GMA X3100 graphics failed to even complete our Crysis tests, but 3D isn't exactly at the top of the list for a machine of this type and it can still handle all the visual bells and whistles of Vista.

Where it really excels, however, is battery life, managing to keep on going for a massive 4 hours 41 minutes running MobileMark 2007. You'll also find a built in 3G modem, so you can access super fast data even when you're out of WiFi range, although you will need to supply your own SIM card. Slightly inconveniently this can't be changed without removing the battery.

It's got a generously proportioned hard drive, so you've got 160GB of space to play with, plus an internal DVD writer for backup. The 12.1in screen runs at a near standard 1280x800 resolution and performs well if you're looking at it straight on, but has quite a reduced viewing angle. It's also a glossy screen, so you get better colours at the expense of increased reflectivity.

Build quality feels solid and despite its business credentials its shiny black lid and subtle curves here and there make it pleasing to look at.


Performance is good, discounting games, and although it's expensive it could justify its price tag if you need a built-in optical drive. The Lifebook P8010 is a great little laptop for the mobile worker, especially once you take into account its long battery life and built in 3G connectivity.