The Elonex Webbook is a mini laptop being promoted exclusively by The Carphone Warehouse – for 'free' with a new two-year Orange broadband account, or separately for £249 with XP and £219 with Ubuntu.

Viewed alongside other mini laptops the Elonex Webbook feels cheapest.

Externally, the Elonex Webbook's black plastic satin finish looks fine, but open it up and you're presented with tacky sprayed-on silver plastic.

The Elonex Webbook houses the same VIA C7-M processor used by HP's Mini-Note and an 80GB hard drive.

It's about the same size as the MSI Wind, but with an even smaller trackpad at 50x34mm. This is probably the least usable example we've found recently – insensitive and twitchy. The keyboard was a little better; even with tiny keys, its action and feel were acceptable.

Wireless networking was a little erratic too and, while the Elonex Webbook connected to our network, it had a tendency to randomly lose contact.

The Elonex Webbook is a little sluggish, and it's unable to play full-screen YouTube videos without dropping frames. Sound quality from the little speakers at the back is poor.

In its favour, the Elonex Webbook came with a solid set of pre-installed software. Unfortunately, the limited 1,024x600 screen meant certain programs were tricky to use.


The Elonex Webbook is pretty much the cheapest mini laptop around, and feels it. You get good storage capacity, a relatively clear and bright matt screen and a usable keyboard.