The Advent 9112 shows that you don't need to pay a huge premium if you want a laptop that's small and portable.

It has a reasonable specification, bundling most of the features you need on the go into a small and compact chassis. Perhaps the most appealing thing about the Advent 9112, however, is its low price tag.

Like all ultraportable laptops, the Advent 9112 makes a number of compromises to keep the size and price down, but on the whole they're largely justified.

You won't find an Intel Core 2 Duo chip inside, for example, but the Advent 9112 still managed a passable WorldBench 6 result of 59 from the 1.46GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core T231 processor. This was no doubt helped along by the more than ample 2GB of RAM Advent has included.

The Advent 9112 has a glossy 12in 1,280x800–pixel screen, capable of producing great colours, although it is more reflective as a result.

There's plenty of space to store your files on the Advent 9112's 160GB hard drive and when that gets full there's a DVD writer for backup. The keyboard has decent sized keys and the touchpad is fair, although it could do with being a little bigger vertically.

You wouldn't really expect to get cracking games performance out of an ultraportable laptop and the Advent 9112 is no different. It managed to achieve only 3fps (frames per second) running the difficult FEAR test.

The Advent 9112 is pushing the limit of the ultraportable category when its comes to size and weight, but it's still small enough to slip into most bags and just about light enough to carry with you wherever you go.

Perhaps the biggest failing of the Advent 9112, however, is its battery life. It only just managed to keep going for over an hour, with enough juice to power it for 74 minutes running our intensive test, which really isn't long enough if you're looking for something you can keep with you while you're out and about away from places to top up its battery.


Despite its budget price tag, the Advent 9112 has a reasonable specification, especially for an ultraportable. However, its battery life isn't great, so you'll have to make sure you know where the next power point is if you're planning on taking it out for the day.