When Acer created the original Acer Aspire One, it came up with a bestseller that was helped along by the fashionable styling, attractive low price and good overall build and performance.

It has now stretched the original screen by an inch, bringing the new Acer Aspire One D150 model in line with the rest of the 10in pack.

The new layout has put some pounds on the price tag, such that the 10in Acer Aspire One D150 sells for around £329 along with many similar competitors.

However, we're pleased to report that Acer has also updated the odd click-button layout. A single strip button now lies below the trackpad. This is pivoted in the middle for left- and right-clicks. The Acer Aspire One D150's new design replaces the system of buttons set on the left and right sides of the trackpad, which we - and many other users - decried.

The Acer Aspire One D150 is nicely put together, with a good soft-touch keyboard and sensitive trackpad. The keyboard seems to be the same as that fitted on the original 8.9in model; it's not a bad design, with large return key and right-hand shift keys, but not as positive in action as the best we've used.

Like the A150 variants, the new Acer Aspire One D150 uses a glossy 1,024x600-pixel LCD display that's blighted by the reflectiveness of the screen - a common problem. Our sample had a small 3-cell battery that kept the notebook's weight down but gave a short battery life.

You get the standard complement of three USB, Ethernet and VGA ports, plus a multi-card reader. Additional connection options include Bluetooth and 802.11g wireless. On the Acer Aspire One D150's front right is a small slide switch that allows you to turn off wireless without having to incur XP's laborious onscreen procedure.

A small departure from that standard netbook specification list is that the Acer Aspire One D150 uses one of the new N280 Intel Atom processors. This has broadly similar specs to the ubiquitous N270, a single-core 1.6GHz CPU, but runs at 1.66GHz and has a slightly faster frontside bus of 667MHz rather than 533MHz.

Backing up the Acer Aspire One D150's CPU is 1GB RAM and 160GB storage on a standard 5,400rpm 2.5in notebook drive.


Acer has played it safe with the 10in Acer Aspire One D150, but this may be no bad thing. However, it also means there’s little to differentiate this netbook from the MSI Wind, Asus Eee PCs and the Samsung NC10, all of which have already made names for themselves as great mini laptops.