ZumoDrive for Android allows your smartphone to access your ZumoDrive account, making it a valuable mobile tool for online backup and file sharing. You can access the ZumoDrive service via the web or connect it as a network drive to multiple devices. The service offers 2GB of storage for free, as well as additional storage under tiered paid subscriptions.

The Android app lacks some of the features found in the desktop client version of ZumoDrive (automated sync and folder watching, for example), but it still packs in a lot of functionality. You can upload photos and videos directly from your phone camera, and if you install the companion file explorer app AndExplorer, you can browse your device and SD Card for files to upload. You can also stream supported music and video files from your ZumoDrive to your phone, as well as download files and save them to your SD Card.

Using the app, you can share a file or folder as a link in an email, the recipient may either download the file/folder from the web page or register a ZumoDrive account and import the file/folder into their own ZumoDrive. Once they have imported the file into their ZumoDrive, all subsequent changes will cascade to their copy. For example, If you share a Word document with a colleague and then edit the document, the changes show up automatically in your coworker's ZumoDrive. This offers a great advantage over the common practice of emailing file attachments back and forth, because you have just the one file and not a jumble of email messages carrying different versions.

Unfortunately missing from the app are functions for editing, deleting, moving, and renaming files. You can do all of those things in the desktop client or in your phone's Web browser via the ZumoDrive web interface, but you may be confused by the interfaces' dissimilarity.


People who use ZumoDrive only on their Android phone may become frustrated with its inconsistencies. I recommend this app primarily for people who already have a ZumoDrive account and use the desktop client on their computer.