Roxio has become something of a standard when it comes to basic multimedia authoring. With the release of Roxio Easy Media Creator 10.0 it’s not hard to see why. Just about anything that 95 percent of the population want to do with different media – whether it’s editing photos, creating movies and soundtracks or burning DVDs – is possible with a package that costs a shade under £60.

The breadth of Roxio Easy Media Creator 10.0 is little short of astonishing. At its heart is Roxio Central, a slick and very easy to use interface that wouldn’t put Apple to shame. The sheer amount of utilities and applets could be overwhelming, but each is easily accessible within a couple of mouse clicks.

As well as a redesign of the interface that makes Roxio Easy Media Creator 10.0 more consistent with Vista, you get the ability to convert video and audio files to different formats from the desktop via the Audio/Video Converter gadget (Vista only), to send videos to YouTube with one click, and rip CDs from multiple drives simultaneously.

However, it’s the way that all the different components integrate in Roxio Easy Media Creator 10.0 that truly impresses. If you wish to record music from your old LPs, capture and edit HD video, create sophisticated menus and overlays for your DVDs, synchronise files between your PC and mobile device, or use an HD DVD writer capable of storing 30 gigabytes of content, there’s bound to be a tool or two here that’ll suit your every need.

Having praised the capabilities of Roxio Easy Media Creator 10.0, all these features do come at a cost – and that is performance. Once loaded, each application does work quite snappily, but you will need a powerful PC with plenty of RAM to use multiple tools, while installation could try the patience of a saint. The Media Manager was something we turned off fairly quickly.


Roxio Easy Media Creator 10.0 is a highly recommended suite. For the professional, there are better alternatives for applications such as PhotoSuite or VideoWave. But if you are the home user who wants a fantastic bundle to handle a variety of media at a remarkable price, this is simply one of the best buys around.