Mr Site Takeaway Website Pro is the expanded, 'professional' version of Mr Site's successful and ultra-simple website-creation tool.

Determined to take the jargon and baffling complexity out of web design, Mr Site launched its Takeaway Website product earlier this year to widespread acclaim. By reducing the creation of a site to six simple steps, Mr Site Takeaway Website enabled tech beginners and the time-poor to build a simple website with the bare minimum of trouble. We gave the £35 Mr Site Takeaway Website a deserved Gold Award.

But we suspect the sailing may not be quite so plain for this, the expanded Pro edition of Takeaway Website. Admittedly Mr Site Takeaway Website Pro remains a wonderfully intuitive program - if you're willing to keep things simple you can throw together and publish a multi-page site in an hour or less - and some useful features have been added to the mix.

It's just that the small businesses that constitute Mr Site Takeaway Website Pro's target market are likely to find the results somewhat over-simple, while casual users can't be expected to shell out £100 - even though hosting and domain name costs are taken care of.

As before, with Mr Site Takeaway Website Pro the six steps required to create a website are easy to follow. You visit Mr Site's own website, enter your activation code and choose a URL. If it's available, simply confirm your choice and get started.

You'll be offered a large aray of design templates, background colours and fonts. Then you decide how many pages you want to have to start with, and type in some content. There are built-in tools for adding pictures and downlaods.

Finally, hit publish and check out the results. You may have to wait 48 hours before the page goes live, but you can see what it's going to look like and tinker at your leisure.

The whole process is refreshingly user-friendly - as long as you keep things basic. But once we started adding html coding, things got a bit more confused - Mr Site Takeaway Website Pro's content management system showed a certain tendency to mess around with our code between sessions. This is a common problem with such simplified web-development programs, but we'd been led to expect better from Mr Site Takeaway Website.

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